How to Select the Most Suitable SUP for Your Body

Our YOLO Board Rental Service Specialists Have the Right Paddle Boards That Will Be Suitable for Your Weight

If you are looking for a nice way to spend your time in the calm waters of the ocean in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, renting a SUP board (Stand Up Paddle board) is just the perfect solution for you. These boards are a safe and fun way to enjoy your time at the beach. Of course, you have to select the right type to match your buoyancy so that you can navigate it easily. Today, the YOLO board rental service specialists of Tygar Jon's Beach Rentals will help you manage this task.

Here are our suggestions on how to choose the safest beach gear for you and your family members:

  • The overall buoyancy of a stand up board or SUP is affected by its length, width, and thickness. It is most often listed as board volume and is surprisingly measured in liters.
  • It is important to select a board with enough buoyancy to float your body weight sufficiently because the lower the board sits in the water, the less stable it becomes.
  • On any given board, a lighter person will flow higher and therefore be more stable than a heavier person.
  • According to our YOLO board rental service experts, most beginners will need a 2-to-1 ratio of their body volume (in liters) to board volume for a good stable feel on flat water. Your individual body volume can be calculated by our staff based on your weight.
  • It is important to point out that the width and length of the board are also important for its stability. Generally speaking, the wider and longer a board is, the more stability it can offer.

To make sure that you rent the right SUP, we strongly recommend you to visit our beach rental shop in Santa Rosa Beach, FL for a free consultation. We are currently running special summer deals for our clients. You can rent our YOLO boards for $ 60.00 a day or $ 200.00 a week. Call us now at (850) 865-4002 to check our working hours in case you want to visit us early in the morning and enjoy a full day in the waters of our local sunny beaches.

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