How to Stand Upright on a Paddle Board?

Paddle Board Rental: Helpful Techniques for Correct Paddle Boarding

Riding a paddle board is a unique and exciting way to spend quality time with your friends and chill out after a long working week. It provides numerous advantages. However, in this blog, we aim to focus your attention on the most effective techniques to stand upright on such a tiny vessel. Read these tips to know how to stay stable and not to fall off:

  • Choose the right size of a boat and a leash. There are different types of paddle boards, you will have to pick the right length and width according to your body features. If you have never done paddle boarding before, use a leash for additional stability and balance.

  • Make sure you use your paddle the right way. If you are not sure which side to catch, ask an experienced paddle board rental provider. He will be able to explain to you how exactly to use it, so your vessel stands sturdy and you won’t fall down. In addition to this, make sure you ride your board the right way. If turned upside down, you could fall and hurt yourself.

  • Practice in calm water first. If you want to stand upright on such a vessel, you have to practice in flat water first. Choose a calm place, like a lake, get on your knees, and begin paddling. Focus of your body posture, make a few movements, and stand up slowly.

  • Keep an eye on the horizon. No matter how concentrated on your vessel you are, look at the horizon as well from time to time. This will help you stay balanced. If you concentrate on the surrounding water too much, you will see your board shaking all the time and you will definitely fall off.

  • Learn to fall down the right way. This may sound silly but it makes sense. Even the paddle boarding experts fall often. The whole point is to fall without any injuries. So, when you feel you are loosing balance and stability, try to fall off away from the board itself. It is heavy and can hurt you bad. If you have a leash, do not panic because you can still fall in the water and not on your vessel.

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