No Better Way To Play On 30A!

30A South Walton Beach Paddle Board Rentals

Whether you are are familiar with the experience of paddle boarding or wanting to try it for the first time you will love our YOLO …You Only Live Once!… boards. Yolo boards were created locally so we use them exclusively to help promote our slice of heaven. You will have hours of fun in one of our many natural beach lakes or inlets on a YOLO board.

We, at Tygar Jon's Beach Rentals based in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, have everything you will need to make your beach experience memorable, from cruiser bike rental to paddle board rental, we cater for every taste. Should you be looking for a paddle board experience in the Gulf of Mexico or in the coastal lakes of South Walton Beach, look no further.

Pricing varies depending on several factors.
Please feel free to contact us with pricing inquiries.

455274061We are a fully licensed and insured company, and our staff is fully trained with all our equipment. Before taking any item out, we will tutor you on the safety aspects of it, to ensure a safe and enjoyable water experience.

Our prices are extremely competitive. Even though we only opened last year, our company has had phenomenal success. This is due to our quality customer service, and our quality rentals.

Every rental we have is thoroughly checked daily to ensure safety. We provide life belts and jackets. Customer safety is our main priority and making their beach experience memorable.

We want all our clients to go home at the end of the day happy and exhausted due to all the fun they have had while vacationing in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

So don’t delay, contact Tygar Jon's Beach Rentals on (850) 865-4002 should you be in the Santa Rosa Beach, FL area to book a fun family day out.