Types of Golf Carts You Can Rent for a Beach Ride

What Type of Golf Cart Rentals to Look for When In Santa Rosa Beach, FL?

Using a golf cart for a ride around the oceanfront area is a great way to spend your afternoon in the nice company of your friends or family. There are plenty of beach rental companies in Santa Rosa Beach, FL which offer golf cart rentals during the high season, so you will definitely not have any problems finding the type of cart you are looking for. How do you know what type of golf cart you should be looking for when you do not know the differences between different types of golf carts?

Read this post, and you will learn how to select the most suitable beach ride for your vacation entertainment! There are two main types of golf carts:

  • 117018336Gasoline golf carts. They possess all of the characteristics which a small car has. They have a small engine, which is running on gasoline and powers the wheels of the cart. The only difference these carts have in comparison with cars is that the engine starts when you step on the gas pedal, and it shuts off when you take your foot off the gas—basically, you do not need any keys to operate a golf cart, which makes it a lot easier. This feature saves gas and lowers the harmful CO2 emissions. This feature makes the carts quieter and their “drivers” will be able to stop anytime they like in order to shoot a nice view or to visit a beach shop without being afraid that they will loose time to start the engine afterwards.
  • Electric golf carts. They use batteries in order to power their electric motor. These batteries are typically charged by plugging the cart into a wall outlet, which looks just like the ones you have at home. Of course, it takes hours to fully charge the battery but for the sake of protecting Mother Nature, it is worth the wait. Some companies offering beach golf cart rentals have carts with roof-fitted solar panels. They get easily charged when the weather is good, so they can run the whole day without having to be plugged in for some time.

If you are wondering which option to choose, visit Tygar Jon's Beach Rentals! We are a company offering golf cart rentals around the local beach area. We not only have standard two-seaters for rent but some family rides as well. Call us now at (850) 865-4002 for more information, as well as to set up an appointment!

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