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Explore the Vast Shore With Quality Bike Rentals

Everyone deserves a vacation after a long week at work. The fresh air, white sand, and warm sun should be enjoyed to its full extent. It is never enough to simply swim in the crystal clear sea. Explore the wonders of the beach with our bike rentals.


Tygar Jon's Beach Rentals is a renting company that offers a wide range of equipment. From chairs to cruiser bikes, we have everything you need to enjoy the beach. We know how tiring it is after a day of swimming. However, with only a few vacation days left, you should make most out of your visit by exploring the vast coastline.


With our premium bikes, you get a mode of transportation that is cheap and simple. Our rentals are great for those who don’t want to spend too much money. We have a fleet of bikes available. Grab one for each of your family and bike from one end of the coast to the other.


Our bikes are well-maintained. They are regularly inspected for problems like brake failures and tire issues. Each bike is maintained to reach quality standards. They are comfortable, lightweight, and durable. Instead of simply strolling around, get our bikes and reach more areas at a faster pace.


Our bike rentals are what you need in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. To rent our items, all you have to do is sign an agreement form and pay the price; it is that easy. What are you waiting for? Get a versatile vehicle and roam around the beach in style. Here at Tygar Jon's Beach Rentals, we are your partners in affordable, fun rentals.


Since 2013, we have been the choice for most guests. Dial (850) 865-4002 to reserve a bike for your family, friends, and colleagues. Don’t miss out on the beautiful scenery and hidden gems in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Get a vacation worth every penny and travel along the coastline with our bikes.